Cunducting over 2000 concerts with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra would obviously not be possible were it not for the daily involvement of my friends and colleagues of the orchestra from whom I have not only learnt my profession but have been inspired at nearly every concert to give forth of my best in answer to their superb interpretations that I have come to admire since that last 40 years.

It is impossible to name every one of my "family members" of the orchestra but where would I be today without the constant counseling of great musicians like Chaim Taub, Daniel Benyamini or Mordechai Rechtman. I am eternally grateful to various past Orchestra Counsel members, also fine musicians, like Ze'ev Dorman and Jacob Mishori for their unending patience in planning the artistic life of the orchestra.

The future planning of the orchestra's activities after hours and hours of discussing and arguing would still not come to fruition if it were not for the selfless dedication of the two General Secretaries that I have had the honor to work with: namely Abe Cohen and last but not least Avi Shoshani, whose patience, tenacity and powers as a negotiator, whether it is convincing an artist to lower his or her fee or an impresario to increase the orchestra's fee, is absolutely exemplary.

The past 40 seasons has gone by like a flash and I wish I could do it all over again, alas not much time remains but I can assure all my colleagues of the orchestra and my enduring Israeli public that I shall give it my best shot until I am 120!! - Weh ist mir!!




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